Configure logoff URL for EBS integrated security in OBIEE 11g

When OBIEE 11g works in EBS-integrated security mode, it is often desired to bring user back to EBS when user logs off from OBIEE. The custom logoff URL configuration worked well in OBIEE 10g. But it had some issues in early versions of OBIEE 11g. And it is only resolved in

Following steps are from Integrator’s Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition. I copied here for convenience. And I did not copy those RPD configuration, as there is no trick in RPD configuration. You just need to follow the manual.

    Update authenticationschemas.xml

Open the file authenticationschemas.xml from ORACLE_HOME/bifoundation/web/display, and locate element . And change cookie name, which is identified by nameInSource parameter. The cookie name is usually EBS instance name, such as “VIS”.

Then locate element SchemaKeyVariable, and then change nameInSource parameter to EBS instance name also.

    Update instanceconfig.xml

Open the file instanceconfig.xml from ORACLE_INSTANCE/config/OracleBIPresentationServicesComponent/coreapplication_obipsn. If you have vertically scaled out presentation services, you will need to apply the same changes to all of them.

Then locate the Authentication element, then EnabledSchema element, and add “EBS-ICX” to the list, such as following.


Following steps are not documented in OBIEE 11g document. In order to have custom logoff URL, you have to enable custom SSO in Enterprise Manager (EM).

    Enable Custom SSO

In OBIEE 11g Enterprise Manager, enable SSO, and select Custom SSO type from the list. When Custom is selected, OBIEE will respect certain manual changes in instanceconfig.xml. Otherwise, following manual changes to instanceconfig.xml will be removed when you deploy new web catalog.

After you enabled SSO, you will be able to specify logonURL and logoffURL. After you applied and activated your changes, you open instanceconfig.xml again. There you will see following:

<Schema name=”EBS-ICX” logonURL=”yourLogonURL” logoffURL=”yourLogoffURL”/>

Then you change as following:

<Schema name=”EBS-ICX” logonURL=”yourLogonURL” logoffURL=”yourLogoffURL”/>

Save instanceconfig.xml, and restart all BI components, then custom LogoffURL should work. And the SchemaExtensions change will stay when you re-deploy web catalog.

Good luck!