A select range of services to meet your OBIEE needs.

It’s important to have a number of service options. That’s a given. But what is equally important, perhaps more so, is the expertise with which these services are delivered.

At Dyna-BI Systems, Inc. our primary focus is on OBIEE consulting for business intelligence and data warehousing. This sets us apart from other consulting firms who may offer a may offer a long list of services, but may not be proficient in all.

Because of our corporate philosophy we’ve chosen to specialize in OBIEE – and that means each and ever facet of the platform. We’re not only specialists in the area, we’re the leading experts.

We fully understand the business. This allows us to anticipate customer needs, bring technology to bear, and solve problems is a timely and cost effective manner.

Our services range from data warehouse design and application design, to ETL development, plus report and dashboard design and development. It extends to upgrades upgrades and conversions, as well as iBot design and development. We provide the technical expertise, business domain experience, as well as the execution required to bring you to a complete solution.

In case after case, we’ve applied this dynamic to our customers’ problems and needs. The resulting solutions have saved our customers both time and money. Our goal is to derive knowledge from information, and generate value from value for your business.

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