X – Chris Li

Chris Li, Co-Founder/Vice President
Chris has 12-plus years of data warehouse systems development and program/project management, coupled with “hands on”, functional and technical IT managerial experience. He has led complex, enterprise-level data warehouse development projects from concept to implementation, and is well versed in implementing complex, enterprise level, business intelligence systems.

Chris consistently was a top performer while working for Siebel/Oracle BI consulting team. He was also one of the very few technical experts with the latest in-depth Oracle BIEE implementation experience.

A highly experienced warehouse architect and a master in complete Oracle BIEE, or Siebel Analytics, functionalities including OBI EE platforms and OBI EE applications, Chris is a strong lead in backend (DW data model, ETL, and DAC), middle tier (Metadata), and front end (Answers, Dashboards, and Requests) development. He has published various best practice white papers on those topics.

Chris has intensive knowledge in Siebel CRM applications as well as Oracle 11i e-business Suite applications, their data model, infrastructure, and foundation modules. A highly recognized expert in Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Chris articulated sophisticated and satisfactory solutions, that dealt with multi-tera byte data volume, and met extremely complicated business logic and reporting requirements.

Chris is certified on Teradata, Oracle RDMS, DB2 UDB, and SQL Server. Chris has deep kernel level knowledge in Teradata, Oracle, DB2, and SQL Server database. He was recognized with the “High-Flyer Award” in 2005 and the “QOOL Award” in 2006 by Oracle.

Chris has in-depth industrial knowledge of the manufacturing, retail, high tech, financial service, and pharmaceutical industries.

Chris holds an MBA and a Master’s degree in Computer Science. He is a CFA candidate Level I passed.

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