BD016 – The Strategy of No Index on ExaData

BD015 – Install and Configure Oozie 4.3.0 with Hadoop 2.7.3

BD014: Install and configure Oracle NoSQL Enterprise in cluster mode

BD013: Install MySQL for Spark practice

BD012: Install and configure ZooKeeper

BD011: AKKA for distributed transaction processing

BD010: How to call Spark functions in R

BD009: Install and configure R

BD008: Working with Hive in Spark

BD007: Scala feature: case class and its companion object

BD006: How to decommission a Hadoop node

BD005: Machine Learning with Spark ML package

BD004: Configure and test Spark

BD003: HBase installation tutorial and data storage review

BD002: Explore HDFS using Hive

BD001: Hadoop Cluster Installation Tutorial

Data profiling with R

Configure EBS integrated security in OBIEE 11g