A more effective way of providing solutions.

At Dyna-BI Systems, Inc. we believe in a straight-forward approach when dealing with your business intelligence and data warehousing problems. Our methodology is mature, field-tested, and adapts to differing client needs, saving both time and money.

Specifically, we focus on full-life cycle implementation models. Our approach, along with our over-arching technical and functional OBIEE experience, is iterative with frequent deliverables, and incorporates “Industry Leading,” best practices. We draw from mature industry standards. This overall methodology assures that our approach is both flexible and adaptable thus accommodating dynamic customer needs.

This methodology has proven successful in every project, and for every customer we’ve worked with. Colloquially, it represents the ability to see both the forest and the trees, and allows our team to maintain a tight focus, and never divert from the primary goal of solving your problem with innovative, fast, and cost saving efficiency.

However, we also understand that any project we undertake may be subject to change at a moment’s notice. Often priorities or focus shift from one area to another. This may result in the Dyna-BI Systems team employing a new sequential and iterative approach to the problem. The key is to have the flexibility and discipline to meet these new challenges as they arise. We do.

We fully understand the business and its nuances. And because of this,

we’re able to anticipate customer needs, and bring technological expertise to bear. This leads to solutions that are not only timely, but cost effective as well. At the end of the day, it’s simple: We listen. We look. We act. We empower.

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