Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is an $8 billion global diversified industrial company, offering products and solutions people use every day to create a positive impact in their world. Driven by a 100-year-old tradition of technological innovation, Ingersoll-Rand enables companies and their customers to create progress.

The Project.

In 2007, Ingersoll Rand’s Industrial Technology Sector began implementing the knowledge management portion of its Business Transformation Project with the deployment of OBIEE. Dyna-BI Systems was hired to create a homogenous data platform from 5 disparate data systems for the purpose of consistent business intelligence, which spans 33 domestic locations, 3 market channels, multiple business units, and 137 product categories. This tool and approach allows the users to become familiar with and use the tools of the future today, without having to wait on the scheduled conversion of their legacy systems, as had been the traditional approach.

The Situation.

    The company had a number of problems. These included:

  • Inability to have a single view of sector’s performance.
  • Difficulty in reacting to the market.
  • Project dependencies relating to ongoing deployment of large scale business transformation programs.
  • Disparate systems from consolidations, mergers and acquisitions.

Dyna-BI Systems, Inc. was called in to survey the situation, make
recommendations, and implement a timely and cost-effective plan to correct the problems.

Project complexity and challenges.

The Dyna-BI Systems team had to overcome a number of complex barriers to solve the imbedded problems starting off with prioritizing among multiple stakeholders, addressing requirements from immediate tactical reporting needs to automated decision reports, and satisfying business intelligence requirements during the transition from legacy transaction applications to Oracle ERP/CRM package applications.

To execute the project, the team was successful in being able to, “hit a moving target.” This was accomplished through tight, focused management controls, enforced change control processes, and proactive quality control and user acceptance testing.

Project Approach and Innovation.

Dyna-BI Systems took advantage of its small, dedicated project team to deploy segments/phases of deliverables in rapid succession. Frequent deliverables to the end user community kept enthusiasm and momentum high. The approach of keeping things simple and well defined, kept the project on schedule.

Solutions and results.

    Short and long-term solutions resulted in the following:

  • Established the “single version of truth,” to enable monitoring of entire business opportunity, quotation and forecast, roder, booking backlog to invoicing.
  • Improve the sales cycles with the ability to perform backlog analysis.
  • Decreased the order management costs and increase on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.
  • Rolled out consistent key performance indicators across multiple business units.
  • Empowered users with timely information tailored to their specific role.
  • Proactively detected business deviations and alerted affected manager.
  • Leveraged data in various applications. Enabled decision making based on accurate information and complete view.

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