Brian Freeman

“As a result of the efforts of the BI team, working in conjunction with the Marketing Team, to make horsepower visible in the BI system, our monthly CAGI reports can now be generated in less than 30-minutes for all seven reports with significant accuracy better than 99%. Previously we were unable to break out VSD technology for CAGI reporting and the process of identifying and reporting VSD style machines was a “manual” process. This has now been automated thus making the entire CAGI reporting process smoother, more accurate, and significantly faster than any point in the past.
Thanks to the BI team for working closely with the Marketing team to identify our requirements, confirm output would meet those requirements, and implementing a system capable of reaching into several different business systems to report our monthly unit and revenue shipments down to specific SIOP families!” …

Brian Freeman, Business Manager, Customer Centers & Strategic Accounts.

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